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Fortem with deep knowlegde and long time experience would like to give a better solutions together with client as our business partner with mutual benefits.



Security / Fraud Detection system

With the aggressive user behavior from non mobile applications into mobile applications plus convergent with the latest technologies, security aspect will become more important and need to put high attention for Banks or financial institution, it caused by higher dependency with the latest technology.

Digital Banking and Analytic Solutions

Fortem Digital Asia will give end to end solution to make IT as a business drive for the bank nowadays. Digital Banking is expecting to directing the bank’s customer to become pro-active to utilize it without having a high dependency to the physical presence of Bank’s officer.

Compliance and its supporting

Fortem Digital Asia not just support with the system for compliance but we also will support the Banks with a full package including the Subject Matter Expert or consultant who understand the best practice and also an expert who understand the principle of regulation itself.

Fortem Digital Asia is a solution integrator which not only selling the principal software for implementation & consultancy if needed. We focus to bring the best trusted and innovative solution & up to date technology, approach & methodology.


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Focus Areas for Banks in a Digital Age

Banks must prioritize and define a strategic roadmao for future business models and push investment in the right direction to build a long term position in payments. While it is evident that current frameworks can no longer sustain growth, up to 80 percent of bank IT...

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